Panama will stay on EU tax  blacklist   

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The European Union (EU) will keep Panama on its blacklist of non-cooperative jurisdictions in tax matters, a decision that would be made next week, while three territories would go from the black list to the gray list.

Sources close to the European Council confirmed the information on Panama, although they also explained that the formal decision must still be approved by the EU finance ministers at a meeting on October 5.

The Reuters agency said that according to documents it has seen, EU tax experts recommend the de-listing of Dominica, Anguilla and Seychelles, mainly because they have committed to passing a supplementary review of their tax systems with the Global Transparency Forum. and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes. Pending the results of the evaluations, the three countries would be put on the gray list.

The agency points out that the recommendations are usually approved, although this time a member state has expressed reservations about one of the jurisdictions, without offering further details.

Panama would have requested to be removed from the list, but "unfortunately it lacks a commitment to repeal or modify its damaging foreign source income exemption regime," the agency says, citing an EU document.

The countries listed are subject to greater controls on transactions and are exposed to tax measures adopted individually by European countries, such as those that Germany would begin to apply next year .

According to the proposal seen by Reuters, no country would be added to the black list, which would be made up of nine territories: American Samoa, Fiji, Guam, Palau, Panama, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States Virgin Islands, and Vanuatu



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George Klk

Panama: Government Facts of Panama's Destruction. There is no one place to begin but early in the beginning of corruption. Massive government corruption was beginning with the development of the Canal Expansion. Canal Expansion project started in 2007 and Martinelli became president in 2009. Canal Expansion project was completed in the summer of 2016. Former Panama president formed his political party CD - Cambio Democratica. Yanibel Abrego was the president of the Panama National Assembly and a member of the CD. 2009: Panama President Martinelli and P.N.A president enacted a... Double Dipping law with the presidency of Martinelli and Abrego! Miscellaneous crimes began to be more emboldened with the criminal underground. Mossack Fonseca was discovered operating with revelation of millions of exposed files. Panama Molirena mafia party and the lottery scandal for control of who gets the money! Was there a link with former Panama President Varela and his lottery winning of his Yacht? The infamous impunity organization laid out by the Guatemala Parliament for it sworn... deputy members including numerous Panama corrupt officials and presidents of the administration. Former Panama president cleared the path for the interconnections of his front men, henchmen and other Loyals for his underground operation that could be described in immense details. But for the record... ALL... of his crimes has been virtually dismissed with a pending trial without an indictment on the use of Israel's Pegasus spy equipment against those who refuse to give in to Martinelli's invasion of privacy. Martinelli resorted to various tactics to suppress the news with his battery of lawyers with lawsuits for defamation while attempting to take their assets for merely investigating his corruptions. Martinelli sons are now in the process of extradition to the United States for a no-nonsense investigation into money laundering while their father waited for his $28 million payout. Martinelli sons acted as intermediaries for those payments which may provide further evidence and clues into the complex underground operations for an apparently complete takeover of... Panama's financial system. Former president Martinelli had the credentials to walk into a bank and state the... BOSS... and acquired untold sums of monies whether justified or not remains a secret underground code for delegation of money without any... TRANSPARENCIES... from the State and or Comptroller General! What is very interesting is the fact... a head banker Ferrugia was exposed with a direct link with former Panama president Martinelli with a $30,000 pact to operate an [off shore island, head quarter, underground operation]! Martinelli wants a new political party for his presidential campaign to run as a re-elected Panama president with all his underground connections very much in place! The objective news reporting has left out many facts that would tie the history and individuals responsible to this growing epidemic of numerous financial at the... government - state level underground criminal operations. 1984: Benicio stated new vehicles were provided for... ALL... 71 deputies basically for their dignities. Before Panama realized any significant Gross Domestic Profit revenues due to the... United States control of the Panama canals. Panama Canal Expansion and the U.S. built Panama Canals are and always has been considered separate entities with the old U.S. canals considered a... GIFT! This would entitle the Panama government to claim the old U.S. canals as a revenue generator outside of Panama tax payer's contribution to the state. Separate entity... OWNED TO THE DISCRETION OF THE ANY PRESIDENT'S GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION! Separate entity of the... PANAMA CANAL EXPANSION MAY BE INCORPORATED IF THE PROCEEDS TO BUILD WAS USED WITHOUT PANAMA STATE TAX FUNDS. Supporting evidence... A Hutchinson Port contract to pay Panama directly or indirectly to its citizens was never realized in 25 years and has been renewed without any payouts to its citizens! Panama president Cortizo Cohen has ignored the subject on the $10's millions lost to the Panamanian citizens of the State! To remain object with the approach of Panama propensity for their administration's... underground front men corruption operations, I will limit any further details of these vast crimes that include the organization's International Transparency concerns and the EU Tax List. Yanibel Abrego was recently published with revelations of an openly shocking full featured... evidence of her abuse of authority to gain tremendous advantage in her position once a president of the Panama National assembly to gain untold profits for her business underground while at the same time destroying the grounds exposing the elements of future torrential rainfall causing erosions and the breeding of virus killing mosquitos! Yanibel Abrego... the [DAUGHTER OF A POOR FISHER MAN] ... has lied with hypocrisy for her own self-enrichment as is evidenced with her abuse of authority in clear violation of her duties! Demonstrate her disregard for anything Panamanians unless it concerns her re-election and profits. Yanibel Abrego (CD) worked with the former Panama president Martinelli beginning in 2009 when Martinelli (CD) founded his party. Former Panama president re-election without one indictment will mean disaster for the growing criminal underground operations for the Panamanians!

16 days ago

Most people do not know that the United States is the biggest Tax Haven in the world and does NOT provide transparency on transactions to other nations as it demands under FACTA. So Panama and other nations are simply being bullied for running their countries as they want to just as the EU and USA do.

16 days ago
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