Laundering and corruption complaint filed against ex-president Varela

Miguel, Antonio Bernal

1,241Views 0Comments Posted 17/07/2019

Law professor Miguel Antonio Bernal and the lawyer  Sidney Sitton, who is part of  the defense team of former President  Ricardo Martinelli  have filed a complaint against the ex-president   Juan Carlos Varela for alleged f money laundering, organized crime, unjustified enrichment, illegal association and corruption of public servants

The complaint was lodged on Wednesday afternoon, July 17, at the offices s of the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office, Primary Care Section.

Bernal told the media that he filed the complaint against Varela for his high level of involvement in the Odebrecht issue and the receipt of funds from the "bribery company".

For Bernal, the Attorney General's Office and other authorities have protected the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. "We appeal to the right that assists us as citizens and the laws this country to investigate the former president Varela.

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