Panama Promotes Coffee in Persian Gulf Coast

1,272Views 0Comments Posted 12/06/2024

The Embassy of Panama in Doha, Qatar, together with the embassies of Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador, representing the Central American Integration System (SICA), organized an exclusive tasting event of coffee that highlights the commercial and economic opportunities for the country. 


The event showcased the rich and diverse coffee cultures of these five renowned producing countries, offering guests a unique opportunity to taste and learn about some of the world's best aromatics, while highlighting investment and trade possibilities.  The coffee tasting brought together diplomats, coffee connoisseurs, industry professionals and businessmen, who had the opportunity to taste a variety of specialty coffees, each with its own aroma, flavor profile and heritage.  This meeting facilitated dialogue about the growth potential of the Panamanian coffee market in Qatar and the Gulf region. 


The Embassy of Panama in Qatar took advantage of this platform to promote the coffee produced in the country, strengthening ties with business owners of cafes and importers in Qatar, who demonstrated a high interest in the Panamanian product.  These relationships are crucial to increasing Panama's coffee exports, which can contribute significantly to the country's economic development.  In addition, the ambassadors highlighted the importance of fostering a bond of trust between exporters and importers, which could lead to beneficial trade agreements and an increase in economic exchange. 


The promotion of Panamanian coffee in international markets such as Qatar not only opens new avenues for export, but also enhances the country's reputation as a producer of high-quality coffee.  In the coming months, other tastings and events are expected to be held, preparatory to the Qatar Coffee Fair 2024, scheduled for next September.  These events are strategic to consolidate the presence of Panamanian coffee in the Qatari market and to establish commercial alliances that boost Panama's economy.