OPINION: Bread for today hunger for tomorrow

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Private businesses requested this week a review of state subsidies, in order to bring them to a gradual and planned end, especially the so-called digital voucher. But the President of the Republic announced yesterday – showing how little the opinions of the business community matter to him – that the digital voucher will be extended until the end of this year, for which he had contemplated in the general budget of the State for this year about $400 million. The Chamber of Commerce suggested that this money be better spent on education, given the high percentage of students who are not attending school. But, instead, the subsidy will be maintained until the end of the year, a date that will surely be extended for electoral purposes, with the elections just around the corner. Although the government is solving an immediate problem, it is creating a serious one in the future: a workforce without training or education (although the government thinks that this is compensated by the mandatory courses at Inadeh), which, in turn, will cause companies interested in the geographical position of the country are discouraged by the low academic quality and the lack of trained manpower. In other words, bread for today, hunger for tomorrow.- LA PRENSA, Jun. 18.