OPINION:  Anarchy and Chaos

1,522Views 0Comments Posted 10/11/2023

Who is responsible for the losses of crops, milk, classes, medical appointments, treatments for patients with chronic and/or lethal diseases, medicines, jobs, and even companies? Who is responsible for the loss of lives in roadblocks, road closures, or hospitals due to lack of supplies? Who is responsible for the anarchy and chaos that still reigns in the west of the country; of the loss of tens of millions in local and international trade? If the National Police cannot handle the task of “protecting and serving,” then why does that institution continue to operate? Is it that it only serves to turn on the siren and give way to incompetent officials, incapable of assuming and fulfilling the functions required of them by law? Responsibility for the deaths, acts of vandalism and violations of free movement should be attributed to the Government officials in charge of national security, without forgetting the President of the Republic, who seems to still live in a bubble and does not realize you are welcome. His dolphin has been lost from the events in which before, microphone in hand, he said that the next president of the Republic was speaking, and the ministers were as absent as their boss. Never before has the country been in the hands of such inept people. – LA PRENSA. Nov 10.


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