Fighting crime wave with flawed judges

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The Minister of Security has revealed the intention of the government of President Laurentino Cortizo to seek a modification to the Criminal Procedure Code to update the capacity of the State to face the crime wave that plagues the country. Although this legal instrument has significant shortcomings, the situation of justice in the country shows systemic failures.

Thus, Panama has interim and trial judges that are interim, appointed without adequate training or supervision for the positions they hold. Similarly, the judges ignore legal norms or disregard common sense and the criteria of reason. However, the fight against crime requires a larger budget for investigators, prosecutors, and courts, which, at the same time, with remediation of corruption in the justice system, can offer the country the certainty of the punishment of the culprits, and the effective defense of society. Not the contrary, LA PRENSA, Sep.3

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George Klk

Panama | Interim Judges Sense Decisions Must Go Their Way. Interim Judges know early on what is required of them and base their decisions accordingly. Interim Judges know early to move up the ladder requires decisions of prejudices. Interim Judges know the basics of street crime punishments without much concern.

5 months ago
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