A legacy of chaos from current lawmakers

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The current deputies are in serious trouble to achieve their re-election. But it is all their fault since the majority, especially those of the ruling alliance – supported in many cases by the supposed opposition of other political parties – have sent unequivocal messages that their personal and partisan interests are far above the interests of their voters. From approving the creation of townships and electoral laws tailored to their needs, the shameful mining contract, the tax incentives for tourism that are nothing more than payments for favors; the parallel decentralization from which they also benefit, down to the scandalous way in which they seized digital bonuses and vouchers; the economic aid and the rampant corruption that reigns in that Assembly, where, once again, the majority could not explain their sudden wealth. The deputies hoped that no one would remember them, but now they are the focus of citizen attention due to the power accumulated in the absence of a president who has forgotten his functions. Now these deputies cannot expect us to forget the chaos into which they have plunged the country, thanks to their insatiable greed. – LA PRENSA, Feb.7.