Racing suspended with jockey in coma three injured

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Horse racing at the Presidente Remón racetrack was suspended on Friday, October 16 after an accident that left four riders injured, one critically.

Four days of racing will be scheduled for next week. says the track’s website.

Lorenzo Lezcano, president of the Hippodrome Jockeys Association, confirmed on Saturday that it was decided not to continue with Friday's programming and not to carry out the equestrian card for Saturday until a series of conditions that they are requesting are met

He said that a meeting was held with the Hipódromo administration and the different unions and riders are requesting that they have two well-equipped ambulances on race days, that the events be with a maximum of 12 horses and that the condition of the track is improved since there is a gap where the accident occurred, which contributed to the spectacular fall.  At the time of the accident only on ambulance was available and three of the injured some with broken limbs, had to be rushed to hospital by car.

Lezcano, said that management informed them that it will attend to their requests and that they have already started with the repair of the track.

The incident occurred in the sixth race,  with 16 runners.

"Jean Carlos Rodríguez, who was the first to fall is in an induced coma," said the president of the jockeys' union.

"Juan Jiménez and Jimmy Carrión have a clavicle fracture and José Morelos has severe  bruising  but no fractures."

In a statement, the Hippodrome expressed that it regretted the situation and that all care protocols were followed after the accident.

It was reported that four days will be scheduled for next week; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The one on Wednesday replaces the one suspended this Saturday.

After six months of inactivity, the track returned to operate on October 1, with three functions per week, after receiving the endorsement of the Ministry of Health, with respect to the biosafety protocols.

The races are taking place without an audience and bets are made on online digital.

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