Over 150,000 migrants pass through Darien in 9 months

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In nine months of 2022, at least 150,000 irregular migrants have crossed the border through Darién, exceeding the the133,716 travelers in 2021.

The main objective of most is to reach the United States.

According to data from the National Migration System of the 151,572 irregular migrants, 107,723 are from Venezuela, 8,579 from Haiti, 4,032 from Cuba, and 14,297 from other countries.

In the month of July, 22,822 migrants passed through, in August, 31,142, and in September 48,194. Currently, in Panama there are 8,566 migrants in the Bajo Chiquito, Cannán Membrillo, San Vicente and Lajas Blancas camps.

Venezuelan flow
In the month of September  Over2,000 migrants were received per day and 80% were citizens of Venezuela.

“When these people arrive, they stay for five or six days and then continue their journey.

Every day, more than 2,000 migrants are sent by bus from Darién to Los Planes de Gualaca in Chiriquí, to continue their destination to the United States,” said the Minister of Security.

This year some 18 people, linked to migrant smuggling, have been captured by units of the security forces

In addition, the Public Ministry has received more than 40 complaints of robbery of migrants and registered at least 25 cases of rape, events that occur on the journey from Colombia to the Darién jungle.






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