Metro passengers flouting mask rules fined $100-$150

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Subway passengers who have not been making correct use of the face shield and the mask for the protection against covid-19 on public transport have been hit during the week with fines of $100 to $150.

Metro Panama SA, after the provision of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) on the mandatory use of face shields in public transport, from May 17  levied the fines as they refused to comply with current regulations.

With the reactivation of economic activities, the current demand in working days is approximately 250,000 users throughout the network, so that from the Operations Control Center real-time monitoring of the capacity carried by train is maintained and, In this way, actions are taken to guarantee the 80% load required by the Minsa.

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Nobody is flouting mask rules...these are fear masks designed to instill fear and reinforce the fear. I have never worn a mask nor most of the people we are friends with. We are all healthy and normal. People are not obeying criminals anymore. Anybody with even half a brain and some digging realizes not only do masks not protect the user or others, they actually injury the user especially when they should have pulmonary stress tests before EVER placing any restrictive device over their mouth and nose, the criminals orchestrating this genocide know from the Flu of 1918 that masks caused most of the death from pneumonia! In fact many countries actually outlawed mask wearing due to the scientifically proven dangers of their use, especially long term and their infective to block transmission. Some countries in the past went so far to discourage citizens with other viruses to levy huge fines for anybody wearing a mask. We live in an upside-down world caused by criminal genocidal terrorists not following science but following foreign powers which is treason in every country. AT this point people know even the best fear mask filters only .3 microns where coronavirus is .12 only idiots believe this fear mask work, they feel mentally safe just like the same idiots believe mosquitos cannot get through a chain-link fence!

11 days ago
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