Harpy eagle stolen from Summit Park

1,925Views 0Comments Posted 05/07/2019

A  young female harpy eagle, recovering from an injury was stolen last weekend from the Municipal Summit Park sources revealed on  Friday, July 5.

The Patronato Amigos del Águila Harpía (Friends of the Harpy Eagle) filed a complaint on Sunday, with the Public Prosecutor's Office and, , informed the municipal authorities, the Ecological Police and the Ministry of the Environment.

"This is a harpy eagle that is in danger of extinction, it is our national bird," said board member  Karla Aparicio.

“There is an agreement that protects trafficking protected species and the harpy eagle is in category 1, with the highest priority. 

The young female eagle that was recovering after being rescued in January Nombre de Dios, Colon, where she was found with a gunshot wound.

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