$30,000 was paid to assassinate a candidate for deputy

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Two men in their early twenties were paid $30,000  to murder Elvis Omar Pérez,  a candidate for election as a deputy in Chepo.

The subjects of 22 and 24 years known by the aliases of "Chivito" and "Chimbo", were charged and arrested for the murder of the accountant and candidate for deputy for Chepo.


The guarantee judge, Mike Zúñiga Rodríguez, decreed their provisional detention measure for aggravated intentional homicide and illicit association to commit a crime.

At the hearing, it was revealed that a third subject paid the sum of $30,000 for the homicide perpetrated on September 17 at the car wash and Café 21 properties, located in Las Margaritas de Chepo.

The payment was made a day after the shooting homicide took place.

Although "Chivito" and "Chimbo" were wearing balaclavas at the time of committing the crime, their faces were later revealed as they fled and were identified by protected witnesses.

Alias ​​"Chivito" was serving a sentence with community service in Pacora.

During the hearing, it was revealed that the murder could have been motivated by expressions that Pérez had launched in his campaign to collect signatures, to end drug trafficking through areas of Chepo.

The authorities are searching for another suspect who was discharged from Senafront.


Pérez, 62, was an auditor, and leader of the Coleo Association and had a chain of refreshment outlets in the East Panama sector.