Bay of Panama logging blocked

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Panama’s Environment Ministry  (MiAmbiente) has detected and blocked Illegal logging of at least two hectares of mangroves within the Bay of Panama Wetland protected area.

The Ministry says the press release, points out that the logging near the Juan Diaz jetty was done by Inversiones y Transacciones Inmobiliarias which does not have the necessary environmental permits to develop activities within the protected area.

The Bay of Panama protected area, created by law 1 of February 2, 2015, covers 85,652 hectares, of which 23,342 hectares are mangrove forests.

According to data from the Central American Commission for Environment and Development 33% of the mangroves in Central America are located in Panama, making it the country with the most mangrove forests in the region. The coverage on the isthmus is 177,293 hectares,  says MiAmbiente.


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Mangroves are also essential protection of the shore line during storm surges, hurricanes, and tsunamis. And yes Panama, if you were to check statistics from the entire rest of the world, fish stocks. You cannot take fish, fail to protect their habitat, and expect them to continue being there. By being 60 years behind the development curve, Panama has the privileged advantage, of being able to avoid what the developed world has already proven to be disastrous policy. Instead of using this information to leaf frog to the front of using intelligent approaches to development, the entire country is hell bent on claiming it's right to make the same mistakes for themselves. It will mine, dam, cut, poison, and destroy everything touched, including the minds of the country's people, until the forces of degradation require either the use of sustainable practices, or death, just like in the rest of the world. We already have crop failures, water shortages, rain forest fires. landslides, rising food prices, birth defects, autism, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and floods. Now we can add the destruction of shore line. It could all be avoided, but instead has been chosen. The collective intelligence of a whole country is a terrible thing to waste.

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its to late to save this country . . what a environmental disaster it has become.. nice that they saved 2 hectares, to bad the raped the rest of the netion already and its still going strong.. idiots!

Last month

Mangroves are vital to clean water and fish stocks.

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