Protest song a wake up call to Panama voters

693Views 0Comments Posted 24/02/2019

 By Margot Thomas

Panamanian singer-songwriter Karla Lamboglia who is not politically aligned has jumped into the election fray with a protest song that has gone viral  reflecting disappointment with the country's political class.

Lamboglia is a Panamanian singer and songwriter who began her career as a singer-songwriter in 2007 and is known for an eclectic musical style and deep lyrics that mix rhythms and ideas, often serving as a communication channel for the artist.

Pa'Que,( For  What) is more than a song it is a feeling and a wake-up call that the composer as Panamanian without political affiliation sends to express her love for Panama by calling on citizens to be responsible when it comes to choosing the next rulers.

She, says "We all want a better Panama when waving that beautiful tricolor of our country, and we cannot lose faith that things can be better".

The song was produced by Billy Herron of Folk Lab Studio and mixed by Vicente Ríos of Piso 3 with the participation of musicians Eric Blanquicet, Luis Mitil, Luis Chen, Tatiana Rios, Haydee Cantillo, and accordionist Raúl Aparicio.

The video was made by Alberto Serra, director, and producer of the Force of the Ball.

The is single is part of Lado B, the next record of the singer and is not part of any campaign, it is an independent production that expresses the dissatisfaction as a citizen of the current situation of the country says a media release.

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