Order to proceed on Metro 3 to Arraijan 

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The order to proceed with the construction of Metro line 3 which will link the Albrook sector and the City of the Future, in Arraiján will be issued on Monday, February 22.

The delivery of this act to the HPH Joint Venture consortium , made up of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd, and Posco Engineering Construction, is part of the Government plan to try to boost the construction industry in the midst of the pandemic.

Last week, the Comptroller General  endorsed the contract $2.844 billion contract which includes the $2.507 billion proposed by Korean companies and the cost of financing the work.

Unlike the first two lines of the Metro, the project to Panama Oeste will use the monorail system, with a 45-minute journey through 13 elevated stations and 1 underground in the Balboa sector.

A year ago, the government discarded part of the original design of the third line, which contemplated that the monorail would use the central lanes of the fourth bridge to cross the channel of the interoceanic highway. It will now travel through a tunnel 50 feet below the canal.


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to who ever owns this site please fix your ad when we first open this page. the x will not make it go away and the only way to move forward to read anything is to close your site and then reopen it..

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