Nationwide street protests urged for Wednesday

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Social groups, the construction workers union (Suntracs) and the Association of Veragüenses Educators (AEVE), are calling for renewed protests on Wednesday because they believe the government has breached agreements reached at the single dialogue table in Penonomé.

Saúl Méndez, secretary of Suntracs, announced a protest action for this Wednesday, August 10,  in the face of disagreement over non-compliance with the agreements at the single dialogue table and delay in the discussion of the issues on the table.

Méndez explained that the Alianza Pueblo Unido and other organizations will join this protest action that consists of the closure of streets nationwide starting at 7:00 am.

“An action that seeks to send a strong message to the government, that we are not playing games, that we are demanding that what was to be fulfilled be complied with and additionally provide answers on the points that are not there, such as medicines, in terms of energy. , the issue of corruption and the theme of the thematic tables is still missing,” said the union leader.

Méndez denounced that in terms of food, they have observed the blackmail of businessmen who have begun to increase prices "but also the 72 items agreed with the government do not appear in supermarkets, stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, it is a complaint of the population and obviously, we have to tell the people that the result of executing these policies is the government of Nito Cortizo.” he stated.

And with the beginning of the discussion at the dialogue table on the subject of the Social Security Fund, Méndez requests that a real dialogue be held, since he considers that there has been opposition from the representatives of the Government and the CSS in responding so that there is a democratic, real dialogue, in which all the actors that have to do with the issue of Social Security participate, the Association of Veraguenses Educators (AEVE), also called for nationwide picketing, on Wednesday to demand compliance with the agreements of the Single Table of Dialogue for Panama.

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