Government eyes easing curfew, advancing reopenings

1,516Views 3Comments Posted 11/02/2021

The government is evaluating making curfew times more  flexible advancing the opening dates of  some activities  said Vice Minister of Commerce, Omar Montilla, on Telemetro on Thursday, February 11.

Montilla said that the issue is being analyzed at the economic and health table and they will be watching the behavior of the covid -19virus in the coming days.

"We are thinking not only of bringing forward the reopening dates but also of making the curfew time more flexible," Montilla said in statements to Telemetro, taking into account that restaurants can only operate until 7:30 pm

Currently, the curfew is in effect from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am

Montilla announced that other measures could possibly be announced, but that this will depend on the behavior of the activities that at this time have already had that opportunity to reopen.

"In other countries, they are already closing for the third or fourth time and we do not want to fall into this. We want the reopening to be consistent and that we can continue to support all economic sectors, ”Montilla said.

In the last two weeks, the authorities decided to advance the reopening of various activities such as restaurants, lottery and racetrack.

According to the reopening schedule of the Ministry of Health, by March 1, gyms, massage rooms, beauty salons and spas should return to activity. Cinemas, casinos and games of chance on March 15.

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