King Charles III diagnosed with cancer

1,508Views 0Comments Posted 05/02/2024

The British king, Charles III, has been diagnosed with an unspecified type of cancer, Buckingham Palace reported Monday, February 5.

In a statement, the royal family explained that the tumor was discovered in a recent surgical procedure to treat an enlarged prostate at the end of January, although the BBC public corporation explained that it is not prostate cancer.

The king, 75, today began a “schedule of regular treatments,” during which he will suspend his public activities, according to the Palace.

“During the king's recent hospital process for benign prostate enlargement, a different matter of concern was discovered. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer,” the note states.

According to the Palace, despite canceling his upcoming public activities, Charles III will continue to carry out his office work normally.

“His Majesty has chosen to share his diagnosis to avoid speculation and in the hope that it can help public understanding towards all those in the world who are affected by cancer,” the statement said.

Charles III feels “very positive” about his cancer treatment and intends to “return to full public activity as soon as possible.”

The king also expressed his gratitude to the medical team that treated him for their “quick intervention,” which made his recent surgical procedure possible.

On January 26, the monarch was admitted to the London Clinic hospital, in the center of the British capital, to undergo surgery for an enlarged prostate, as had been announced nine days before.

Prince Henry, youngest son of King Charles III and estranged from the royal family, has spoken with his father after he received a cancer diagnosis and will travel in the coming days from his residence in California (USA) to visit him, the BBC reported.