Guns in Panama

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Importing guns to Panama is possible, but it involves a lot of paperwork and fees. You need to apply for an importation permit, which requires the same documents and tests as a gun permit. You also need to export your guns legally from your country of origin, and ship them to Panama by a licensed carrier. Your guns will be stored in a warehouse until you complete the permit process, which can take up to a year.  I have spoken with people who have never seen their guns again.  You will also have to pay a luxury tax and a duty tax on your guns before they are released by customs.  Some people may find it easier and cheaper to buy guns in Panama, where they cost about 50% more than in the US. According to the gun laws in panama, the types of firearms that are allowed in Panama are: 

Handguns, such as Glocks, semi-automatic handguns, and revolvers

Rifles, such as semi-automatic rifles and short barreled rifles

Shotguns, such as sawed off shotguns

However, fully automatic weapons and military-style firearms are prohibited. You can also have hi-capacity magazines, high speed bullets, and hollow point bullets in any type of gun, as long as they are not armor piercing.  To own any of these firearms, you need to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Public Security, which requires a lot of paperwork and tests. You also need to register your firearms and renew your permits periodically.  It’s essential to note that Panama’s gun laws specify that if you choose to carry a gun, it must be concealed. This requirement underscores the emphasis on discreet and responsible firearm possession, promoting a balance between individual rights and public safety. 

This is a sample of a graphic illustration of a gun permit in Panama (tenencia de armas de Fuegos). It is not the actual document.

Panama has its own gun laws that are different from the United States and Canada. You need a permit to carry a gun in Panama, and you can only carry it hidden. You cannot show your gun in public or take it to some places like banks or bars.  If you live in Panama, you should take care of your security and your family’s security. You can use a home security system and join a community safety group. You should also respect the Panamanian culture and how they see guns. Do not break the gun laws or you could get in trouble with the police.  You should teach your family about how to be safe with guns and what to do in an emergency. You should make sure they know the rules and the risks of having a gun in Panama. This way, you can help them be prepared and responsible.  Just remember, handling guns responsibly is a big part of looking out for your family. If you’re thinking about getting a gun in Panama, it’s a good idea to talk to legal experts for advice.  They can help you make smart choices to keep your family safe and sound. Keep in mind that using guns in Panama is not recommended at all.