The owner of Pegasus has the key to Pandora’s box

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Thousands of citizens around the world, including civic, community, human rights leaders, judges and magistrates, politicians and journalists, have welcomed the news that the United States Department of Commerce has blacklisted companies Israel's NSO Group, maker of the Pegasus spy program.

This was the program used in the government of Ricardo Martinelli to spy not on 150, but on hundreds more citizens. This information remains partially hidden, since many of us know for what, when and for what purpose it has been used, as well as we suspect in whose hands it is. Ah, but not all the illegal espionage is in the recovered discs, the basis of the puncture judgment.

Let's think about the following: for five years, the National Security Council was spying on hundreds of Panamanian citizens

It used various spy programs, but the most successful was Pegasus, capable of turning a cell phone into a source of copious information, including the target victim's chats and photographs. It could also activate the device's GPS, camera, and microphone. All this, behind the victim's back.

In the years of the dictatorship, Noriega was the recipient of hundreds of follow-up reports of opponents; phone call transcripts. There were boxes and boxes of information that he knew how to use very well, because although his power came from weapons, the information helped him to stay in power without reaching a level of violence that could attract international attention.

Missing information

So where are the thousands of hours of audio recording of the victims? Where are the tens of thousands of photographs stolen from the victims' phones? Where are the thousands of chats and documents transmitted over the internet, extracted from the private communications of the victims? Where are the digitized follow-up reports? Where are the hundreds of hours of cell phone video that they recorded without the victims' authorization? What’s there is not everything.

What has turned up in the wiretapping trial is only a small fraction of what was spied on in the Martinelli government. Let's not expect all that stuff to show up in boxes. Today, such an arsenal of information is easy to have on hand. A laptop or computer with good memory is enough. Or a pen drive or a portable hard drive, as easy to hide as a key. The key to Pandora's box. And I have no doubt that it will be used. The VarelaLeaks prove it.

Information is the most deadly and powerful weapon known. With this control, without arms, people, politicians, leaders, journalists, judges ... even governments. Well said that one who promised to have much more power when he left the Presidency and the same one that the former United States ambassador described as a consummate stalker and blackmailer.

The Israeli government and the NSO Group say they are dismayed by the US decision. But they are not having provided the unscrupulous with one of their most powerful weapons, used against thousands of innocent victims throughout the world and that gave power over them to the mentally sick, sociopaths, and the most disgusting beings that walk the earth. - Rolando Rodríguez B. La Prensa


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George Klk

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1 month ago

George you left out the Chinese restaurant today. I may be wrong as I just scan your gibberish but you're slipping up on trying to drag your china story in on Pegasus . A bit of a stretch.

1 month ago

The owner of Pegasus is Israel's CIA, the Mossad. All of the intense cyber security companies in Israel were spawned as incubator investments by Mossad and all owe the mother ship. Pegasus and the plethora of other Israeli hacker systems are tools of global power and influence.

1 month ago
George Klk

Panama: Pegasus is the means to the end for... China! China has AI... Artificial Intelligence for control of the masses. Control of the masses by indirect means. China leveled the playing field with the Wuhan leaked Covid-19. Global economy slowed and market product prices escalated. China now consolidates its power and calculates strategic offenses using... AI. China can easily destroy U.S. Navy fleets and some Star Wars programs but will face... U.S. wrath and its allies in the coming sub nuclear attacks. China will urgently need to have a powerful global control center to offset and subvert the global economy and its technology for a one leader global rule. Global rule in principle to garner more power through obtaining the rights of... ALL Chips! The Taiwan manufactured chips and the U.S. dependent Panama maritime trade! China will need and will purposely create the war among nations beginning with Israel. United States funds will be depleted with lack of inventory and cash for its massive debt. Panama will be State funds will be totally depleted with corrupt politician's impunity program from Guatemala. Soon, Latino's will be despised as untrust worthy as it aligns with China and Russia with the... China - Varela 26 non-transparent agreements. The same former Panama president Varela who publicly stated... Only Panama flag will wave on its soil. What do Panama politicians have in common? Simple... make the quick buck and get out! Former Panama president... I will return in... VICTORY! Yes, all those troubles and delay tactics and his enemies for black mail and brutal affliction at his own hands from the Martinelli regime... POWER!!! China says... You want power? We can help you get all the power you want and need! Wars and bombs and... blame it on the United States for all the wars in the past, present and future. U.S. former president Trump... The election was stolen from me!!! Trump missed out on the Pegasus and Russia failed to provide the spy equipment. Trump four years was not enough to control the government the way he wanted... not enough time! Trump obsessively thought of nothing else after his first two years in office... WIN AT ALL COST! Rapid radio signals from space... Adverse weather condition - not the norm... Covid-19... China Chip Power Syndrome... China Artificial Intelligence and underground global operations! Trump's one-man global army can solve all the problems through global bankruptcies! Incompetence, power, greed and the sick psychopaths undermine the freedom for democracy. The courts of Panama wait until the very end for the Martinelli power or face probable assassinations. Martinelli maniac obsession for power can only be met with another chance term for a... Panama president re-election! Panama 100's of gangs and many Martinelli executive pardon release is now beginning to rear... its head for the menacing power that lie in waiting! China is a stand by and has a concrete hand with Panama... economic - political leverage!

1 month ago
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