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The tranquility of the country is shattered. Today, when we should be celebrating our national holidays, the country is going through many problems that cannot be solved by any government. The deficiencies are the same every five years: water, education, security, transportation, poverty, health, corruption and impunity. Nothing changes, only the governments that promise to do something, but at the end of the period, those who are in line come to promise the same... and with the same results. Until now, we Panamanians seemed accustomed to lies and satisfied with the status quo . But last year and now, right now, society seems to have had an awakening. For the first time in decades, there are manifestations of discontent and frustration, contained for decades. Young people – and citizens in general – no longer only protest on social networks; Now they go to the streets where their numbers grow, as does their empowerment. Patriotic fervor is renewed with the generations of young people who, the flag on their shoulders, parade daily through the streets, without bands or drummers, but with a vision of the country that goes beyond the petty government projects. It may be too early to say, but this renewed fervor could be the before and after of a new Panama. – LA PRENSA, Nov. 4.



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