SOCIAL SECURITY – Enough is Enough!

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The Social Security Fund (CSS) is in an indescribable situation, the result of the manifest negligence of a large part of its officials, many of whom come to the institution with recommendations from deputies who, knowing their situation, do not care about their present let alone your future. The theft of thousands of doses of fentanyl is a mystery; it is not known exactly how many have been stolen; Who is directly responsible? Nothing is known about the ongoing investigations and secrecy gives way to speculation, something that does not favor the institution or its director, who seems to forget that the CSS does not belong to the Government, but to the insured. And in the midst of this major problem, to which is added the financial crisis that is putting tens of thousands of pensioners and retirees in check, this administration insists on making unnecessary investments, but also at an inopportune moment, since obviously, the Fund is going through his worst moment. But the CEO is only interested in spending, no matter the circumstances. With everything that's going on, he should have resigned by now as the neglect is rampant and something needs to be done soon and certainly with someone else running the CSS. – LA PRENSA, Mar. 20.



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