Political gangsters and kleptomaniacs running wild

1,092Views 0Comments Posted 14/01/2022

Political delinquency has transferred the theater of its gangster operations to the lowest level of popular election positions: the corregimiento representatives, who, given the increase in income of the mayors, compete with them, to see who gets more. Thus, we have representatives who reward themselves with income –of up to almost $14,000 per month–, well above their hierarchy, knowledge, and management. Consequently, it is undeserved money, vulgar looting. The parties that concentrate these kleptomaniacs are the ruling Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and Democratic Change (CD), whose leaders –Benicio Robinson, Pedro Miguel González and Rómulo Roux– seem comfortable with white-collar crime housed in their groups, from where conspire against the interests of their communities. They remain complicit in silence in the face of these excesses, which would also explain why continue to atomize the country with more districts and corregimientos: expand the offer of public positions for more political gang members. When will the comptroller start working? When will you tell us how those people spend their money? Or is it that you also get your income the same way they do? – LA PRENSA - Jan. 24




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