OPINION: Transparency emasculated

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THE TRANSPARENCY LAW is emasculated every day by officials who abuse the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law to hide potential scandals, concealing public information. And when it is not this latest legislation, they use Transparency to prohibit the disclosure or avoid the content of minutes, purchases, and information that they want to hide. There are already several cases in which the Transparency Law has been castrated, and to this infamous list is added the director of Ifarhu, Bernardo Meneses, who consistently refuses to reveal information of a public nature, just as Óscar Ramos did at the time, director of the Authority for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, using the same argument. That is why there is little progress in the fight against corruption, as revealed by the latest Capacity to Fight Corruption Index, corresponding to 2022, prepared by the American Society/Council of Americas and Control Risks after studying how each country fights corruption. Despite the fact that there was a slight advance, the study mentions how access to the minutes of the Cabinet Council was restricted and the ruling of the Electoral Court that maintained the electoral jurisdiction of former President Martinelli. It seems that we will never get out of mediocrity. – LA PRENSA, Jun. 22.