OPINION: Time to end social aid programs

1,613Views 0Comments Posted 10/03/2023


The accumulated government debts due to subsidies and the solidarity bond have endangered businesses that accepted the social aid programs, but which this administration now irresponsibly ignores. With this, there is some $60 million in debt that, if not paid, will continue to add up to the detriment of private companies. But, on the other hand, not only is the debt increasing, but the criteria for maintaining the solidarity bond at a time when the world is very close to emerging from the pandemic are absolutely questionable. And it is that there is no valid justification for maintaining this subsidy because the prevailing criteria are proselytism and clientelism. In the first months of the pandemic, it was understandable to distribute financial aid to families that had been left homeless, but now, when all economic activities are open and there were even carnivals, they have no reason to exist. The same happens with the fuel subsidy, which was created to last three months and will be one year old in July, because the authorities are not thinking about the country, but about the convenience of maintaining it for electoral purposes. How long will this paternalism that sickens and corrupts our society continue? LA PRENSA, Mar. 10.