OPINION : Social Security power lurks in Boca

1,130Views 0Comments Posted 26/03/2023


The Social Security Fund (CSS) has a formal supervision structure, but it is totally manacled, since there are forces that manage the institution behind the scenes and that is where the real power lies. The general director of the institution is far from responding to the board of directors since he deals directly with that power that he unsuccessfully tries to hide, because in each corridor the name of a deputy from Boca slips between the whispers of fearful officials who know who is the one who really commands in the CSS. Consequently, the majority of the board of directors is opposed to reforming the CSS, since as it is it serves the best interests of scoundrels, to the detriment of the desperate policyholders. The general director gladly responds to these powers and is not afraid to say it out loud: "I am not going to resign," he said, questioned by journalists about the theft of more than 19,000 doses of fentanyl, information that the CSS board of directors learned from the media. This is how an institution on the verge of bankruptcy is managed because of the inhuman deputies who don't care if someone dies due to a lack of medicine or medical appointments. The important thing for them is to do business and fill their pockets with money from the people they claim to represent. – LA PRENSA, Mar. 26.

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