OPINION: Funds to protest but not to read the contract

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A leader of the Ngäbe-Buglé people – who maintains a blockade on the Inter-American highway, near Tolé – admitted that he has not read the mining company's contract law, a document that is the reason for their protests in the streets. He added that he has not been able to read it because they do not have a copy, not even a digital one, since to download it online they do not have the money that would be needed to pay for the data. But he also said that the protests of the indigenous groups are self-financed and that only at the point where he coordinates a blockade he has about 300 people a day, who are provided with mobilization and food expenses, also every day. How can it be possible that they can pay for food daily for 300 people and there is no data to pay that would allow them to know first-hand the contract of discord? If they are going to close streets, they should at least be clear about the causes and decide for themselves, because, just as there are those who believe that the contract can be repealed by law, there are many more who advise the opposite, at least, until there is a ruling on the possible unconstitutionality of the contract-law. The role of the leaders of these groups is painful because while they may have their own opinions, they choose those of one side without considering the alternatives. – LA PRENSA, Nov. 19


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