OPINION: Actions unworthy of educators

1,011Views 0Comments Posted 22/11/2023


The educational authorities have warned that if teachers do not return to classes, they will be suspended and their salaries will be withheld starting next fortnight. The warning comes late because their actions have harmed hundreds of thousands of students who in the last three years have lost the equivalent of almost two years of in-person classes, while virtual classes have not been the most appropriate, since the system was not prepared for this modality. Currently, the school year is in danger, but the Ministry of Education has not yet said what it plans to do.It should establish that classes be extended as long as necessary to make up the days lost. The students are not to blame for the capricious decisions that the ministry has made without any good justification and that have caused the loss of classes. It is absurd that teachers continue to be paid without working and, what is worse, preventing others, who have the will and need to work, from doing so with difficulty or losing their sources of income because of their intransigence. Their actions are not worthy of educators; rather they represent a serious setback for our youth, their opportunities and their future. What a waste! – LA PRENSA, Nov.28.