OPINION:  A non-aggression pact between police and road blockers?

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Chiriquí, Bocas del Toro, and part of the province of Veraguas remain isolated, with blockades on the Inter-American highway, led by groups from the regions, teaching unions, unions, and the usual opportunists, who are never lacking. And in this, there are factors that arouse: on the one hand, these groups continue in the streets without anyone bothering them with their protest and, on the other, the National Police contemplates these provocations, without flinching. It seems that both sides had a non-aggression pact and, in this way, the Government has abandoned the inhabitants of three provinces to their fate. While this situation brings wear and tear, desperation and frustration, new closure measures are planned for this week that will further aggravate the crisis. There is no doubt who those who gain from this destabilization are: a person convicted of money laundering who wants the elections to be brought forward and the organizations that lend themselves to their undesirable purposes. Either there is something big behind this indifference of the Government or, simply, the ruling politicians do not care what happens, because they have already assumed that they are going to lose the elections and everything slips away. --  LA PRENSA, Nov. 14.




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