OPINION: A no dirty tricks election

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Today the electoral campaign begins for in the face of the May 5 elections. During the next 60 days, the political forces of the country are devoted to the persuasion and mobilization of the voting population to receive their support at the polls. The Electoral Tribunal has led the electoral process in a responsible manner, as appropriate. Every effort has been made to avoid dirty propaganda, voter manipulation, electoral clientelism, and even new transparency mechanisms have been introduced, such as campaign spending ceilings and limits on private donations. Each candidate, each activist and each citizen is responsible for completing this electoral process in a clean and decent manner. There is no justification for dirty tricks, false news, the rigged polls and other tricks of the horrors catalog of past elections. Politicians must be clear that everything is known sooner rather than later, and that public opinion will punish with repudiation of tricks. Now, that the competition is clean and equal for all, and that the best men and women win, for the good of the country - LA PRENSA Mar.4.


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