New light in the filth of impunity

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Starting next Monday, the Supreme Court of Justice will have two new magistrates, in addition to three others, with which for the first time, at least in the last decades, five ladies will make up the majority in the plenary session, of nine members. . After taking office, the agenda includes elections to renew the authorities of the Judicial Branch, in which one of the five magistrates also appears as a candidate. The renewal of the Supreme Court comes at critical moments, after a scandalous ruling that has deepened the enormous mistrust that exists in our justice and that puts the country at a crossroads in which chaos gains more and more ground in the face of indolence of judges who have preferred to muddy their names in the filth of impunity – LA PRENSA, Jan.1.

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Snake Pliskin

@ wanderer. It truly is a shame that the people of Panama do not keep it more tidy. It is such a beautiful country and has so much to offer. That's why most people go to Costa Rica instead for vacations. The North Coast is so beautiful but it is scary to go up there. Fortunately I am 6'10 tall and 320 lb of muscle so most will not mess with me. But of course my size will not stop a bullet. And because of the laws there, the honest people cannot have a gun.

6 days ago
George Klk

Panama: New Judges with Elected Authority Questionable. Who will elect new judges and from what jurisdiction and authority? Who made the decision for new judges and why women? Why do not the judges follow the basic ethical guidelines of evidence and facts... with the witnesses against government high officials? Why do they break their oath of office to serve their professional duties from conviction of duty? It is clear there is a lack of issues not debated and discussed on the specifics of the disregard of the court proceedings and rules when high officials are in question for any criminal alleged activities. It is clear when the former Panama president Martinelli own sons are in the... United States having pled guilty working for their father as money laundry intermediaries and soon to be sentenced, the Master Mind was involved with all the direct factual witnessed evidence. The corrupt judges are not in control of their judicial duties and will not address the issues to be investigated. Unless the judges were replaced with new judges, but this does not guarantee the new judges will be ethical in all court matters, and no one is above the law. The former corrupt judges were not questioned out in the open with a formal investigation. Therefore, everything is still non-transparent for the impunity of corrupt high officials. Panama will never... never be fully trusted as a government but will continue to support the likes of individual high officials in government with the [propensity] for murder, brutality, theft and lies in the face of Panamanians with the Italian regimes!!!

17 days ago

Filth is the hallmark of Panama; whether it be the trash strewn beaches and roadways, the filthy water that spews from the tap, the plates of fly covered food or the filth of corruption that pervades everything here. A few new twits on the take at the court changes nothing about the filth here.

17 days ago
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