Government hiring – “a life of its own”

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Risk rating agencies and economists doubt that the Government can meet the goals to reduce the fiscal deficit, which causes the public debt to increase each year since spending is greater than income. In fact, the Ministry of Economy and Finance is carrying out maneuvers to take part of the foreign debt service paid out of the budget, deferring it to future years, which will make it more difficult to meet the goals, since what is not paid now will have to be assumed in the future. The rating agencies do not see a plan to achieve the objective of reducing the fiscal deficit, which widened during the pandemic, although a staggered reduction was established until reaching 1.5%, starting in 2025. But the truth is that this government is far from being able to comply with the law. There has been no way to control the growth of the payroll, which increases in number of employees and salaries. It has a “life of its own”, expressed an economist quite rightly, because, despite the crisis, the Government never stopped hiring people, in an openly clientelist policy. And nothing indicates that we will get out of the hole so easily, except with this administration. – LA PRENSA, Mar. 19.

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