Exemplary sanctions needed for rule-flouting officials

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The numbers of infections and deaths from Covid-19 are chilling, and the numbers are expected to get even worse this month. That is why it is not unreasonable to think that the restrictive mobility measures will be extended, at least, for this month. And although the vaccination process will begin within a few days, Panamanians must continue to maintain the biosecurity measures that specialists advise us. In a matter of a week there have been as many infections as the equivalent to the sum of all those recorded in some months, such as September and October of last year. Hospital capacity is at the limit, despite the fact that hundreds of more beds have been added. So, on our part we need greater discipline, patience and responsibility in our mobility. At the same time, It is important that the Government sanction exemplarily those officials who fail to comply with the restrictions it imposes. It is useless to ask obedience to a people who are led by leaders who are incapable of fulfilling what they demand of their fellow citizens. It is simply absurd. Either we get serious in what we say and what we do or many of us will become the fateful statistical numbers of Covid-19. LA  PRENSA.Jan .10

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Ancon Harpy

Hello David G and Wenny754. Check out “Report on the Events in Panama, January 9-12 1964 International Commission of Jurists”

15 days ago
Oh ya

Well let the people take the drugs they want like HCQ etc, it's been arpund 60 year and used by millions so do not tell us that it is harmful

15 days ago
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