Ethics Foundation  survey is bad news for the political class

780Views 0Comments Posted 03/09/2023


The Fundación de Ética y Civismo commissioned a survey aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 29, on the situation in the country and the 2024 elections. To the chagrin of our political class, the majority of those surveyed are aware of the problems of the country and know who is responsible. Young people are clear that corruption is our greatest weakness as a country and that everything that overwhelms us is generated from it: personal insecurity, the extremely high cost of living, deficient and obsolete education, rampant unemployment, and terrible Public Management. And just as they are clear, they visualize the culprits of this situation: the Government and its politicians, as well as businessmen who only think about their pocket.

But also, young people are aware of the value of their vote in the upcoming elections and that it is through the popular will that the changes the country needs to get out of this hole into which politicians of unparalleled incompetence have put it can be made. We hope that this valuable contribution from the Ethics and Citizenship Foundation does not fall on deaf ears.—LA PRENSA, Sep.3.