Country awaits Supreme Court ruling on a presidential candidate

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The electoral campaign formally begins next Saturday, February 3, and will last until May 2, 2024. But, despite the imminence of this important date, uncertainty still reigns over one of the presidential candidates, who has yet to have the Court Supreme Court admits or reject a legal appeal that will decide not only the fate of this person but also his presidential candidacy. 

The entire country has been waiting for weeks for the decision that the Court will make on this appeal, but having now everything to do so and with no more pending appeals to resolve, the Court has not yet announced its decision. The magistrates must rule as soon as possible, even before the campaign period officially begins so that, in this way, we all have a clear and defined presidential electoral offer for the next five years.

 But what we cannot continue to tolerate is allowing a group of lawyers to abuse the Law, we have to live with this uncertainty. It is time for the Supreme Court to make a decision on the appeal and release it immediately. Thus, defendants and voters will clear up doubts once and for all. – LA PRENSA, Feb 1.


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