A mayor without merit  but with a huge budget

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The mayor of the capital city has re-election in his plans for 2024, but he does not have a single merit in his favor. He only sat in the chair for five years and, what's worse, he let ongoing projects from the past administration end up in limbo. His management has been reduced to presenting plans for crazy works that will have contributed nothing to the development of the capital city, despite its great problems. Now, in search of his re-election, he presents a huge budget, the largest in the history of the Municipality of Panama, surely for proselytizing and clientelist purposes. It is a budget that, in addition, almost 50% will be to pay for the operation of the mayor's office, that is, its swollen and unjustified payrolls. His management has been a burden on taxpayers, who have to watch hundreds of millions of dollars being wasted to pay for unnecessary staff who literally do nothing. This is another of the hundreds of incompetent officials who intend to be re-elected in May 2024, through a shameful offer. It is hard to believe that in the PRD there are not more sensible people, as well as technically and professionally better prepared for that position. Surely there are, but since they are not part of the “circle”, they have no opportunity to serve their city. -- LA PRENSA, Nov. 23.


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