US - Panama high-level  talks on security

General Laura Richardson.

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The United States Embassy in Panama has confirmed that the ambassador, Mari Carmen Aponte, and the deputy undersecretary for Central America, Eric Jacobstein, will lead the US delegation in the high-level dialogue on Security that they will hold with Panama on Friday, February 2.

The deputy undersecretary of the Office of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Christopher A. Landberg, will also participate.

Other officials from the US delegation who will join the bilateral dialogue are the deputy assistant secretary for the Western Hemisphere of the Department of Defense, Daniel Erikson, and the commander of the US Southern Command, General Laura Richardson.

It was announced that the representatives of the US government will highlight in the dialogue with the Panamanian counterpart the efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation in security matters, which includes the areas of border security, citizen security, cybersecurity, and maritime security.

It is highlighted that in this meeting and other bilateral initiatives, the United States seeks to deepen its support for Panama's efforts to combat transnational threats and reinforce the security of all citizens.