President of Brazil and Mulino Pledge to Strengthen Ties

530Views 0Comments Posted 09/07/2024

Strengthening ties between Panama and Brazil, not only in the commercial sphere, but also in areas such as security, the fight against drug trafficking and international cooperation, was agreed upon on Monday by President José Raúl Mulino and his counterpart Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva.  Mulino told President Lula that he is committed to making the relationship between these countries closer, because both have much to offer each other. 


In the case of Panama, Mulino highlighted the logistics platform of ports next to the Panama Canal.  “You have a friend in Panama,” Mulino told Lula in their bilateral meeting at the end of the Mercosur Summit.  During the meeting, both presidents also evaluated the strategies for Panama to achieve - in the short term - active membership of Mercosur, including seeking an intermediate phase or the negotiation of a treaty. 


Mulino said that Panama has a multi-purpose integration plan and recommended that President Lula propose to Mercosur that Japan, South Korea, Singapore and India be invited to form part of this block of countries.  Meanwhile, Lula announced to Mulino that Brazil is about to assume the presidency of Interpol, to which the Panamanian president responded that Panama is willing to collaborate with Brazil, providing all its experiences and intelligence strategies.  Lula also spoke about his work during his first two terms to strengthen relations with Latin America. 


In the case of Panama and Brazil, the President of Brazil reiterated both countries should integrate and act together, exchange experiences, promote trade, investment, and bring Brazilian businessmen to Panama.