Panama teacher jailed 18 years after child pornography raids

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A  Panama school teacher arrested during  a seven-country anti-child pornography operation was sentenced in San Miguelito on Friday, January 3, to 18 years behind bars .

  Leonardo Bonette was jailed for possession of child pornographic material and lewd acts with four chilfren.

He was apprehended during the international operation “Luz de la Infancia 5”, which took place simultaneously in the United States, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, El Salvador, Paraguay and Panama and led to 13 raids in Chiriquí, Los Santos, Coclé, Panama Oeste and San Miguelito..

As part of his sentence, Bonette was also disqualified for 16 years from serving as a teacher in any school or anywhere, once the main sentence was served.

Two other teachers a  doctor, a computer programmer and an architecture student and two foreigners living in Panama were also apprehended during the operation.



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