ODEBRECHT: Court rejects Mizrachi appeal


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The magistrates of the First Superior Court of Justice, through a ruling dated March 8, 2023, did not admit an appeal of constitutional guarantees " for reasons of form"  filed by the legal defense of Aaron Mizrachi against the Third Liquidating Court of Criminal Causes.

The legal defense of Mizrachi by the lawyer Basilio González supported in the writ of amparo that his constitutional rights had been violated when the third liquidating judge, Baloisa Marquínez, denied him the prescription of the criminal action in the preliminary hearing of the Odebrecht case.

Under the presentation of judge Melina Robinson, the Court did not admit the appeal considering that it failed to comply with the principle of " subsidiarity or finality ," provided for in numeral 2 of article 2615, of the Judicial Code, which states: Only the action of Amparo when the means and procedures provided for in the law to challenge the judicial decision in question have been exhausted.

Mizrachi is one of the 36 defendants who have been called to trial in the case of alleged bribery payments by the construction company Odebrecht in Panama for former officials and individuals.

The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office indictes the defendants for the alleged commission of the crime of money laundering.