Martinelli sons named in Spanish  Odebrecht  bribery files

Rodrigo Tacla Durán,

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 The names of  the fugitive sons of Ricardo Martinelli are included  in statements of Rodrigo Tacla Durán, a key operator in the Odebrecht  bribery structure, sent by  Spanish authorities  to Panama’s   Special Anticorruption Prosecutor

The statements are key to confirm facts that are part of the investigation in the country reports La Prensa

For example, reinforce the inherent management of the societies in Andorra of the brothers  Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli.

Tacla also talks about the 2009-2014 election campaign, and the presidential candidate for  Cambio Democrático José Domingo Arias, as well as the presence of Mónica Moura and Joao Santana, Brazilian campaign advisers linked to Odebrecht.

Tacla also refers to other people imputed in Panama. Meanwhile, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País, Tacla involved several Latin American presidents and presidents, including  Ricardo Martinelli and Juan Carlos Varela, in alleged illegal acts.

According to Tacla, he practiced in an illegal office: the Odebrecht Structured Operations Sector, that is, its bribery department.

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