HEALTH - Dramatic drop in covid hospitalizations

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Panama has seen a dramatic drop in hospitalizations between March 28 and April 3, with 430 patients in the ward and 63 in  ICU  says  the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Hospital admissions decreased by 100 (17.4%), going from an average of 576 in week 12 to 476 in week 13.

According to the report, ICU patients were also reduced by 24.5%, going from an average of 102 patients to 77 during the same weeks.

The document added that in March Panama had an average of 675 hospitalized patients in the ward, ranging from 1,036 at the beginning of the month to 496 at the end; and presenting a reduction of 53% compared to the average of 1,432 revenues registered in February.

The ICU had an average of 111 admissions, with a maximum of 170 at the beginning of March and 72 at the end of the month, meaning a decrease of 46% compared to the average of 204 ICU patients in February.

At the close of Saturday, April 10, the Epidemiological Surveillance

System of Panama confirmed the death of 3 people and the contagion of another 279 by covid-19.

From March 9, 2020 until this Saturday, 6,159 citizens have died in the country. The lethality from the virus is set at 1.7%.

There are 506 hospitalized 440 in the ward and 66 in the ICU.