Guatemala readies file for extradition of second Martinelli son

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The Guatemalan Foreign Ministry has received the extradition file of the son of former Panama president Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014), Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares, and will proceed to transfer him to the US authorities diplomatic sources reported Tuesday.

The file was handed over to the Foreign Ministry by the Guatemalan Judicial Branch on November 18 after Martinelli Linares accepted his extradition to the US on November 8, where he is required for money laundering. The Foreign Ministry will send the file to the United States embassy, ​​to coordinate the date of the extradition.

According to a source in the Foreign Ministry, this week the file could be transferred to the US embassy in and, according to experts, Martinelli Linares could be extradited in two or three weeks to join his brother, Luis Enrique who was extradited to the United States on November 15 on the same charges of money laundering.



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