A 13 Year Old Missing Panama Girl is Found in Honduras

1,177Views 0Comments Posted 11/06/2024

The young Erika Yanelis Palmer Díaz, reported missing last May, was located in Honduras, after the dissemination of an Amber alert by the National Police.  According to police sources, Honduran authorities are keeping the young woman in a child protection center and have also arrested a man who was with the minor.  The 13-year-old girl was reported missing by her father on May 28 in the district of Arraiján.  According to the investigations carried out, the young woman left the country in a cargo vehicle heading west towards Costa Rica and Central America, although it was not specified whether she did so voluntarily, under some type of deception or by force.  After the dissemination of the Amber alert by the National Police, coordination was established with Central American authorities and she was finally located in a nightclub in Honduras.  It was reported that the Foreign Ministry is taking the necessary steps for her repatriation.  No details were given as to whether the young woman was subjected to any type of attack during her trip to Honduras.  Officials from the National Police and the Public Ministry had carried out investigations in various parts of the country to try to locate her.