Panama on covid rebound may be new wave

Vaccination must continue.

1,166Views 17Comments Posted 07/12/2021

Panama could be on the cusp of  another pandemic wave said Doctor and researcher Vigil De Gracia, on

According to De Gracia, last week, from November 29 to December 5, was the third that reflects a minimal increase in new infections, a slight increase in positivity, and an increase in the number of new cases detected. "We do not doubt that we are in a rebound that can turn into a wave or not, but we do not know, so we must apply the vaccines."

And, the country had dropped to values close to 1,500 active cases and currently reflects about 2,800 new infections. Meanwhile, the lethality of the virus has remained at a stable rate, according to Vigil De Gracia.

The public health specialist, Jorge Luis Prosperi remarked on his weekly blog that, for four weeks, the country has reported a clear increase in cases, increasing from 26.8 the week that ended on November 13 to 35.5 cases reported per 100,000 inhabitants this week.

Meanwhile, deaths remain an average of 0.3 per 100,000 inhabitants in the same period, but if cases continue to increase, the chances of serious patients and deaths will increase.

"Although deaths and the occupancy of beds in the ICU maintain a downward trend; this increase in cases shows that we are at the beginning of a rebound and should be cause for concern," he said.

Given this, the director of the National Secretary of Science and Technology (Senacyt), Eduardo Ortega, asked the population not to relax. "The masks work against all variants.”