Over 921,000 head back to classrooms

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School break ends on Monday, September 13, when some 921,314 students from the official and private sector throughout the country begin the third term in different educational modalities.  

Of that figure, a global enrollment of 300,511 students studying in 1,398 schools located in the 16 educational regions of the national territory, must be incorporated into blended learning, the Ministry of Education (Meduca) reported on Sunday. 14,110 teachers must be added to these students, according to statistics from the National Directorate of Environmental Education.

This list does not include 800 schools that serve students through tutoring, Meduca said.

The institution reported that, among educators and administrative officials of each educational campus, there are 51,933 vaccinated. Of these, 42,532 have already received the two doses against Covid-19 . Meanwhile, at least 8,346 have not been given the anticovid vacine.

Meduca emphasized that the epidemiological conditions of each region in which these schools operate are evaluated by the Ministry of Health, to define the transition to other modalities.


The third and last quarter of the 2021 school year ends on December 17. The balance of activities and graduation of the students will be from December 20 to 30.


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