First easing of controls as COVID-19 cases pass 7,500

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Starting Wednesday, May 6, the hardware stores will be able to make sales online with home delivery  says the Ministry of Health (Minsa)

They should not sell construction materials, which requires the service of many people, and would mean crowding.

The  Minsa head of Epidemiology Lourdes Moreno, released the report on the cases of the new coronavirus. The number of accumulated cases rises to 7,523 (136 new cases) and deaths to 210,

There are 2,506 people, in isolation of which 1,056 are in hospital hotels.

There are 366 hospitalized patients, 278 of them in the ward, and 88 in intensive care units (ICU).

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Panama’s leaders are emulating liberal mayors/governors in EEUU. Unfortunately, Panama started out as a third-world country, so we are heading to being a “4th world” country, if leaders don’t wake up!

28 days ago

Cathair makes a humorous but very valid point! I can't help but wonder if all of this is being done intentionally so that as people default in mass next year the banks become holders of all the hard assets? As the world creates hundreds of trillions in fiat dollars over the next few years to address the worldwide collapse and the ensuing hyperinflation destroys the value of everyone's savings. Hard assets will never go to zero. Tourism and travel are dead for at least two years and small business owners don't have enough capital to survive. I imagine Panama's wealthy already have their eyes on prime properties and plan to pick them up at bankruptcy prices.

28 days ago

a hardware store that can't sell construction materials, another brilliant move!! and online orders can we make it more stupid...most hardware stores don't even have their own phone # correct online

29 days ago
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