Cases of Respiratory Illness in Western Panama Increasing

1,335Views 0Comments Posted 28/05/2024

In addition to influenza, hospitalizations due to the common cold, rhinopharyngitis and pharyngitis remain high.  The demand for care from patients with respiratory cases reports a considerable increase in the emergency room in La Chorrera, province of Panama Oeste.  Within these respiratory conditions, in addition to influenza, there are the common cold, rhinopharyngitis and pharyngitis, which are flu syndromes typical of the year.


The twentieth week in 2024 sees the approximate number of cases treated in the unit with respiratory symptoms, rhinopharyngitis, pharyngitis, and influenza with 280 patients.  This figure doubled in epidemiological week number 21 that closed yesterday Tuesday, reaching the figure of 420 cases, according to information from the CSS.


Emanuel Obaldía, local coordinator of the Epidemiology department, recommended that the population go and get the influenza vaccine as a way to protect themselves.  The CSS in Panama Oeste received 30 thousand doses of vaccines against this disease, which were distributed to all polyclinics.  In this province, the vaccination strategy has been to carry out vaccination days on Saturdays and Sundays in different shopping centers and supermarkets.  Fixed vaccination points remain in Arraiján, La Chorrera and San Carlos polyclinics, where the vaccination schedules for Measles, Pneumococcus, human papillomavirus (HPV), TDAP, among others, are also updated.

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