Presidential Debate on Tourism

1,568Views 0Comments Posted 01/04/2024

April 3rd, Wednesday, the Presidential Debate on Tourism will take place at the headquarters of the Latin American Parliament, in Amador, town of Ancón, organized by the National Chamber of Tourism of Panama.  The debate, named "Sustainable Tourism, a State Obligation", aims to promote tourism as a public policy of the State.  The aim is to promote sustainable tourism and to ensure that presidential candidates are aware of the needs of the tourism sector and will provide the tourist with complete care and concern. The event is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m.  Complete coverage will be available through ‘Telemetro Reporta’ from 5:30 p.m. with the 8 candidates scheduled to attend including, Romulo Roux, Maribel Gordon, José Raúl Mulino, Meliton Arrocha, Gabriel Carrizo, Martin Torrijos, Ricardo Lombana, and Zulay Rodríguez.  This debate will provide an important platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities in Panama's tourism sector, as well as to present concrete proposals for its sustainable development.