Diversity is Strength: Pride Month Begins in Panama

1,641Views 0Comments Posted 01/06/2024

Today, Panama raised the Pride Flag for World Pride in the Cathedral Plaza of Old Town.  With this, Panama Pride begins "Pride Month, promoting equality and respect for the LGBTQ+ community."  The Association reported that this month various activities will be carried out to promote "diversity."  These will be supported by organizations that work for human rights, affiliated companies, embassies, among other delegations.


The Panama Pride organization announced that its official route for Sunday, June 29, will be inside the Old Town of Panama.  Under the motto “Diversity is Strength”, the standard bearer will be the influencer Gracie Bon, while the drag artist Caazi Centaury will serve as ambassador.  At the end of the march, artistic presentations will be held in the Plaza Quinto Centenario in the Cinta Costera.  Also, from June 3 to 7, Educational Week 2024 will take place with the aim of promoting education, inclusion and respect.